Sunday, September 16, 2007

Selfless Work or Nishkam Karma

No matter what the people say, no matter what the gurus of management science talk about, it is ultimately the people at the grass roots who can turn an organization around. One has learnt that for turning an organization around there needs to be a strong cult- that of transparent sincerity and integrity,coupled with the ability to deliver.One Mahatma Gandhi was able to lead India to gain its freedom. It was due to the "nishkam karma theory of the Srimad Bhagwat Geeta. ( Selfless work without any expectation of reward ).Read " by the author  Jaipal Singh Datta. This orientation to work is fundamentally energy - conserving and mind purifying,for it prompts the one to work for a cause higher than one's ego.Work done with selfish inspirations paramount is stress - producing and devitalizing. How ever ,the lower self, rajso- tamsic conditioning for most happens to be so strong that these consequences are usually difficult to grasp and accept.

Now a days who shall like to work without rewards. Read Management by Human Values at "". In management there has to be all types of persons and managing different type of persons is an art of the management.No nation is great or good because Parliament enacts this or that,but because its men are great and good. This means that men working in the industries or government administrations or grass root workers are all motivated and are under strong , transparent leadership.

Under all these conditions only managers with satwic Guna , team building charisma, and without ego can deliver better results. My 30 year experience in the Industry as chief executive or being in the family of chief executives is that it needs very high skilled , motivated, dharmic manager to achieve these corporate results. I shall like to add " Theory without practise is blind and practice without theory is blind. " In very rare cases (may be due to luck or astrological effects ) one without theory or education can rise up to senior grade. Educated Executives could deliver better results. Best method is to work , study books , work and study under selfless guru or senior. Remember "Kaam Nishkam and Aaram Haraam". By adopting this mantra you can rise and achieve your targets and society or industry can grow.

Please note I am not advocating that we should not take action against selfish egoist colleagues. Action means teaching, counselling, and sacrificing some one for greater cause. Cause and Effect theory can be read in Management bu Human Values Kapil Dev Mohan or Srimad Bhagwat Geeta