Saturday, March 02, 2013


Performance of Indian Managers can be seen on road side and in most of the Industries in India. I have many photos and recorded evidence of corrupt managers as well as government officers.

We are living in a society where corruption has reached to the bones of many individuals. Politicians, teachers, parents and society as a whole has become mentally sick. Parents are teaching their children to earn money by any means. Children are learning what they are seeing in their homes. Baby girl is killed before birth. Girls are raped. We make hue and cry and we all behave the same.

We can not change the society all of a sudden. All young people want money to purchase new phones, new cars, new restaurants and want to show off their wealth. We are living in a sick society.
Sardar Shyam Singh Managing Agent of Sugar Factory with his team can be seen in a photo taken in 1954.
Earlier people were rich but with human values

Society is suffering because of failure of management. We should accept that we as Indians failed to perform our duties as parents to guide younger children.
                                    Jaipal Datta showing Solidarity to remove corruption in a society.

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