Tuesday, December 05, 2006

After Retirement

Psychological Problems at Retirement
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 Perhaps the most difficult problem that we face after retirement is the psychological problem. When an executive retires, he is at the peak of his career - of his status,prestige, money. The day he retires, all this start leaking out. He finds that everything is becoming less and less. The first thing he notices is the way his status and prestige are affected. Even at home, a retired person is no longer the important person. If he, in the morning, asks for breakfast early, wife says , " you are a retired man now, relax! Let others go first." So he finds he is no longer number one - he is now number ten. This is not very easy to take after a person has been number one for most part of his life. A similar problem arises in terms of being received by his friends and relatives. When he puts a phone call and says please call back- if he is retired person, the chances of getting the call back get diminished. A friend of mine who retired as a senior army officer, said the year he retired he got 600 greeting cards for the new year, after two years they were sixty , and after five years only six. Greeting cards are not important - except that they show how people regard you and that is important.
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Many persons, who have worked in government jobs or defense forces like Army or Navy or Air Force, get retirement benefits. Many, who work in private organizations in India, may not get benefit of retirement. I know many employees of private organizations. They died within 3 to 5 years after retirement. They could not afford to live. Society can not take care of their living or medical care.

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Question comes - How long should one live? Is there any benefit to live longer? What for should one live? Are oldies burden on the society? Should an elder (above 70 ) entrepreneur work for the society? What is the use of scientific progress or capital growth or human development and how can oldies contribute?  I agree that children are required for humanity. Why do we need elder generation, who can not work for development or progress? I am confused.

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I am really not interested to live if my health does not permit or I do not have money to purchase food, shelter and clothing including medicines to live. 
I should add that I can not live without my Golden Eagle Lager Beer and Solan Gold Whiskey from Solan - scotch of east.

May God bless all.

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