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Management by human values - Case Study 1

Letter received from Chief Executive of a company of 70Million Rs Turnover 
It is a case of frustration and height of toleration
Mr X is trying to revive sick unit, where Mr F was unit head since 52 years. His age is around 75 Years. Age of X is 58 years. Mr F has behaved earlier also with other senior executives in the same way. Eye Witness is Mr E
Management by human values Case Study No.1 
Chief Executive of a firm informs to the senior directors of the company 

Dear Sir,
1.    I am writing to inform you regarding an unpleasant episode that took place at MU, on 10th March 2012. The chronological details are as under :-
          (a)    At about 1500 hrs. as a matter of routine, I went to F’s office to apprise him of factory’s days activities. Mr. X also accompanied me. At that time Mr. E was also present in  Mr F office. I greeted Mr. F appropriately and moment  Mr. X started to convey his greetings, Mr F looked at him and angrily told him to leave his office saying that he has nothing to do with him.
          (b)   Mr. X enquired from Mr. F as to why is he annoyed with him and that he has come to convey the Chairman’s message to him. Mr. F using abusive language again told him to leave his office immediately, to which Mr. X replied that he will not leave his office without conveying the message of the Chairman and you can do whatever you wish to do.
         (c)   At this point Mr. F got extremely annoyed and started using abusive language not worth mentioning and got up from his chair giving an impression of leaving his office. I at this point of time was sitting on a chair opposite to Mr. F’s chair across the table. Moment Mr. F reached the office door he picked up his walking stick and using abusive language he started hitting  Mr. X who did not try to defend himself and instead kept on saying “ hit me, hit me and relieve yourself of your frustration.”
         (d)    I shouted for Mr. F to stop hitting and tried to intervene by saying that it does not be- hove of Company’s senior officers to fight like this, but to no avail as Mr. X told me to let Mr F hit him as much as he wants and Mr. F continued abusing and hitting him. Somehow I physically intervened and stopped one sided fight. When Mr. F stopped hitting, Mr X told Mr. F that “you try to hit your son like this then you would know what happens.”  
2. During all this Mr. E was present, whom I asked him to leave the place and do his job. He left the place immediately.
3.    We, Mr. F, Mr. X and self came out of Mr. F’s office where Mr. F using  abusive language loudly mentioned the following to Mr. X :-
         (a)    I know that Chairman has sent you here to fight with me and you can go and tell                                              him I don’t care.   
           (b)     My 52 years hard work and service to the Company has been reduced to ashes because of your back biting to Chairman.
           (c)    I had been repeatedly been called to other office and made to sit there without any work to humiliate me.
          (d)    I shall ruin Chairman and will see to it that the Chairman goes to Jail. Mr Chairman can call Chief Minister, Governor, and Prime Minister; whomever he wishes to, I care to hoots.
4.    At this point in time I intervened and peace prevailed. Later on Mr. F got into his car and went away. I and Mr X reached my office and rung up Mr. E and urged him to not to divulge any details of this episode to any one whatsoever, to which he promised his silence.
5.    I contacted Chief Executive of the other associated companies and narrated the incident to him, in the presence of Mr. X.  He said that he shall convey the same to your good self. 
6.   At about 1845 hrs, Mr. X telephoned me and requested me to come to his room. There he showed me his swollen back of right hand, right arm and shoulder. 
 7.   Mr X did not report to police in the overall interest of the organization and gave in writing to the chairman.

I call it height of frustration and height of toleration.

Readers please comment 

Mr X is still working and Mr F is also working. No action is taken by Chairman as per the last reports received. Some of the senior executives are discussing to take apology from Mr F in writing and seeking Mr F's removal. Some times management by human values create nonsense and unit becomes sick. It becomes sick because of senior executives but not because of workers.

Author has written book on Management by human values and one of the reader from a leading Indian industry informed him about this case. Names are kept as confidential.

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