Thursday, September 06, 2012

Politics in India and USA

                                                      Jaipal Singh Datta 
 I never liked politics. But I know no organization or nation can implement it's decisions without team or without group. As soon as we create group to achieve aim and target, we get opposition of persons who are hurt or who are affected. So I learnt with the time that we can not survive or I should say humanity can not survive without a political party, group of people who are determined to bring change to the society for good of all.
                                                            Jaipal Datta
Each human thinks different. Each human has right to think so. So there shall be always opposition.
Democracy means that we can try to counsel others with words, with advertisement and any other means. We must try to convince others.

Result of poll shall indicate that what people want. We should respect decision of voting polls. Fairness of voting is important. Change is law of Nature. We all are living in different time. Time of ancestors was different. We must find solution under new circumstances. We must understand that we create society or Industry. Industry or Society do not create the humanity. Industry or business is tool for progress and not means for exploitation.

Medical care, education, food, shelter and clothing are requirement of humanity. We must try to provide these facilities to younger generations and old generations.

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