Thursday, December 01, 2011


Dear  Madam
With ref to your telephonic call I submit herewith the following information
1.0 My web site name is  College of astrology
2.0 This site is for astrology teachings 
3.0  To earn I shall like to charge some money as and when some one wants to read it. 
4.0  Each page may contain one lecture or study material . These may be 20 Pages
As I have published book on it I have deleted my these pages. 
1.0  Astrology lesson No.1
2.0  Astrology Lesson No.2 
3.0  Astrology Lesson No.3-4
4.0  Astrology Lesson No.5
5.0  Astrology Lesson No. 6
6.0  Astrology Lesson No.6a
7.0  Astrology Lesson No. 7
8.0  Astrology Lesson No.8
9.0  Astrology Lesson No.9
10.0  Astrology Lesson No. 10
11.0  Astrology Lesson No. 11
12.0  Astrology Lesson No. 12
13.0  Astrology Lesson No.13
14.0  Astrology Lesson No.14
15.0  Astrology Lesson No.15
16.0  Astrology Lesson No.16
My book on Astrology Lessons
5.0 There should be place to mention my address or contact details 
6.0  There should be payment procedure so that customer can transfer money to my account and pay me by credit card or bank transfer. It should be in advance.
7.0  There should be page for customer to inform his / her name date of birth , time of birth, place of birth and Male  or Female and Name 
7.1  On the same page there should be space where one can inform about education, year , date and success or failure
7.2  There should be space Marital Status   -- To inform that married or unmarried or living tohether or living away from each other
7.3  Financial Status   Money earned / Cash in hand or lottery etc 
7.4  Professional Status 
7.5   Diseases 
7.6  Accidents 
7.7  Parents alive or died etc
7.8   Children / living together or living separately 
8.0  Site should have Ganesha on first page and it should be opening one by one
9.0  Place for one photo on each page 
Material is available at
1.0   Contact me and location on Google with phone number and E mail 
2.0  Pay me    This site to be changed as mentioned above 

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