Saturday, August 25, 2007

Manager Responsibility

ManagerManager is responsible for results and not for his activities.Results can be measured by achieving Sales Targets, Production Targets,Zero Machine Break Down time, Submitting report of MIS in time.
Result is a function of f(decision,activity,luck)
Decision is a function of f ( Risk, Experience or bad decision taken,learning,constraints,education)
Constraints are function of area of autonomy. Good Manager shall exploit the area of Autonomy.
In Every organization there are four types of persons
1.0 Lazy or Susat
2.0 Too Busy or Vyasth . This can also be called as bogus Band people
3.0 Cursing Always or Trast . This can also be called as child widow role people.
4.0 Working and not worrying or Mast. In Deutsch (German) Language we can call"Arbeiten macht es spass". Work is worship.
Management is very unfair game. One has to deliver results with 100 odds.Mission or target should be very clear. Thick skin are always useful for result oriented management. It is not very important that you do things in right way. Important is to do right things. One should know his target and mission of work. It should be very clear.
Organization gives Money ( Rice Plate , Food, House Clothing ), Opportunity for achievement and opportunity for development.
Manager Job is
1.0 Protect his subjects from external agression
2.0 Give justice to the subjects
3.0 Create Successor
4.0Create Tradition
Virtues of Manager
1.0 Ability to understand people
2.0 Tolerate People
3.0 He should work, so that others can remember him and follow.
To tackle a problem Manger should
1.0 Wait
2.0 Negotiate
3.0 Flight
4.0 Surrender
Symptoms of effective Management
1.0 Sense of purpose
2.0 Person goes to work with happiness, sense of purpose and not due to fear of leave lost or absent.
3.0 Concern for potential of subordinate . It helps to build team work
4.0 Moving around. It helps to know what is happening and not knowing in the last.
5.0 No Memo and particularly typed one
6.0 Corruption reduced
7.0 Area is neat and clean
8.0 All come in time and go in time.
9.0 Polite to each other and helping attitude.
10.0 Better productivity, and profitability.

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