Monday, August 20, 2007


What is Leadership?

Leadership is the ability of one person to influence the thinking process of another person. In effect, a follower supercedes his judgment with the judgment of the leader .
The leader is able to make his impact due to :Sense of Mission. The leader creates a feeling that they are going to do something very important. As a result, the dedication of the leader goes down the line and creates passion in the followers.
Using this feeling of passion , the leader is able to create a sense of action,i.e.,whatever has to be done has to be done immediately.This sense of urgency is the key to productivity.
However , the most important aspect of a leader is creating a Sense of Loyalty.He gets loyalty from his followers by giving loyalty to them. This makes the followers stand with the leader even in adversity. In fact leadership is really tested in adverse situation.

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