Monday, August 20, 2007


Motivating Subordinates
A person can be motivated using fear or money. However , such a motivation creates a feeling of hostility. To inculcate motivation amongst subordinates , the boss must create
1.0 A Sense of Identity: Once a person feels the organization is his organization, there is no need to create any further motivation. That feeling itself is a motivating force. The best example of this is the housewife. We talk of bonded labor. Has anybody seen labor more bonded than the housewife? She is the first to get up in the morning to get milk , last to go to bed. And this is because she feels it is her house.In case wife is dominating it is true about man also , as he feels it is his house and he has to serve his wife or family.
2.0 Sense of Importance: To keep a person motivated , he must feel that he is very important in the organization. This ego is something we talk about elimination in all spiritual discourses.In management , we do not eliminate the ego, we pamper and exploit the ego. The feeling that i matter here and people listen to me is a great motivator.
3.0 Sense of Development: When a person realizes that his work in the organization is enhancing his capabilities, that becomes an important motivating factor.
4.0 Management by Human Values : You preach that you work and do not think of reward.It does not work for every one.

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