Saturday, August 25, 2007

Manager Responsibility

ManagerManager is responsible for results and not for his activities.Results can be measured by achieving Sales Targets, Production Targets,Zero Machine Break Down time, Submitting report of MIS in time.
Result is a function of f(decision,activity,luck)
Decision is a function of f ( Risk, Experience or bad decision taken,learning,constraints,education)
Constraints are function of area of autonomy. Good Manager shall exploit the area of Autonomy.
In Every organization there are four types of persons
1.0 Lazy or Susat
2.0 Too Busy or Vyasth . This can also be called as bogus Band people
3.0 Cursing Always or Trast . This can also be called as child widow role people.
4.0 Working and not worrying or Mast. In Deutsch (German) Language we can call"Arbeiten macht es spass". Work is worship.
Management is very unfair game. One has to deliver results with 100 odds.Mission or target should be very clear. Thick skin are always useful for result oriented management. It is not very important that you do things in right way. Important is to do right things. One should know his target and mission of work. It should be very clear.
Organization gives Money ( Rice Plate , Food, House Clothing ), Opportunity for achievement and opportunity for development.
Manager Job is
1.0 Protect his subjects from external agression
2.0 Give justice to the subjects
3.0 Create Successor
4.0Create Tradition
Virtues of Manager
1.0 Ability to understand people
2.0 Tolerate People
3.0 He should work, so that others can remember him and follow.
To tackle a problem Manger should
1.0 Wait
2.0 Negotiate
3.0 Flight
4.0 Surrender
Symptoms of effective Management
1.0 Sense of purpose
2.0 Person goes to work with happiness, sense of purpose and not due to fear of leave lost or absent.
3.0 Concern for potential of subordinate . It helps to build team work
4.0 Moving around. It helps to know what is happening and not knowing in the last.
5.0 No Memo and particularly typed one
6.0 Corruption reduced
7.0 Area is neat and clean
8.0 All come in time and go in time.
9.0 Polite to each other and helping attitude.
10.0 Better productivity, and profitability.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Management Skills

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. With increasing competition , the managerial job is becoming more and more difficult. To succeed in the new environment, there has to be purposeful tough managerial style characterized by
1.0 Clarity of objectives and ability to motivate subordinates to work towards the objectives.
2.0 Inducing colleagues to co-operate, collaborate and Co-ordinate
3.0 Inducing the boss to support the team efforts

Getting along with people-boss,colleagues, subordinates, customers ,suppliers , workers , trade union leaders etc- becomes a vital ingredient of managerial success. The difficulty in acquiring this interpersonal skill basically comes from within. So it is very necessary to know why we behave the way we do.
To manage one has to acquire the following skills
1.o Technological Expertise
2.0 Sensitivity to the surroundings
3.0 Communication Skills
4.0 Understanding the human development process
5.0 Understanding Social structure of your society and nation
6.0 Discipline
7.0 Human touch or love to human beings
8.0 No cheating as world is very small.
This all shall be explained below in my lessons which I have learned from my Management Guru Mr. Sharu S rangnekar and Brig ( Dr ) Kapil Mohan V.S.M. Chairman cum Managing Director of Mohan Meakin Ltd. Mohan Nagar , Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh. He proved that Management by human values is the best method of the Management.


Motivating Subordinates
A person can be motivated using fear or money. However , such a motivation creates a feeling of hostility. To inculcate motivation amongst subordinates , the boss must create
1.0 A Sense of Identity: Once a person feels the organization is his organization, there is no need to create any further motivation. That feeling itself is a motivating force. The best example of this is the housewife. We talk of bonded labor. Has anybody seen labor more bonded than the housewife? She is the first to get up in the morning to get milk , last to go to bed. And this is because she feels it is her house.In case wife is dominating it is true about man also , as he feels it is his house and he has to serve his wife or family.
2.0 Sense of Importance: To keep a person motivated , he must feel that he is very important in the organization. This ego is something we talk about elimination in all spiritual discourses.In management , we do not eliminate the ego, we pamper and exploit the ego. The feeling that i matter here and people listen to me is a great motivator.
3.0 Sense of Development: When a person realizes that his work in the organization is enhancing his capabilities, that becomes an important motivating factor.
4.0 Management by Human Values : You preach that you work and do not think of reward.It does not work for every one.


What is Leadership?

Leadership is the ability of one person to influence the thinking process of another person. In effect, a follower supercedes his judgment with the judgment of the leader .
The leader is able to make his impact due to :Sense of Mission. The leader creates a feeling that they are going to do something very important. As a result, the dedication of the leader goes down the line and creates passion in the followers.
Using this feeling of passion , the leader is able to create a sense of action,i.e.,whatever has to be done has to be done immediately.This sense of urgency is the key to productivity.
However , the most important aspect of a leader is creating a Sense of Loyalty.He gets loyalty from his followers by giving loyalty to them. This makes the followers stand with the leader even in adversity. In fact leadership is really tested in adverse situation.

What is Management

What is Management
What is Management?
Management can be defined in many complex ways. However,management essentially consists of 3 basic tasks:
1.0 Identifying your responsibility and getting committed to it.
2.0 Identifying your resources and ultimately realizing your most important resource is yourself.
3.0 Experimenting with resources.
The best example of this is the housewife.Every girl, as soon as she gets married,identifies her responsibility and gets committed to it. Her responsibility is : To convert a house into a home. A house is a piece of architecture. A home is a place where one gets psychological support, a feeling of warmth and being welcome. Who gives this? The housewife. A housewife identifies this responsibility , gets committed to it and looks at her resources. In most cases , the main resource is the husband's income. I am sure most husbands have heard how inadequate that is! But she has another resource: herself. See how she uses this resource. The homeliness of the house depends not on the income of the house- but on the housewife.
Similarly , every manager has to identify his responsibility and get committed to it. With his chair, he will inherit some resources--men, materials, and machinery. He has to add himself to the resources to make a potent combination and experiment with the combination.

Managing the Boss

Managing the Boss
Boss plays a very important role in the carreer of an individual. How far the boss will help the subordinate will depend on how the subordinate manages insecurity , ego and idiosyncrasies of the boss.
To manage the insecurity of the boss, the subordinate must demonstrate his loyality to the boss.This involves
1.0 Keeping the boss informed about the developments that the subordinate comes to know of which might be of interest to the boss.
2.0 Helping the boss to repair the damage that might have been caused by the boss's mistake.
3.0 Protecting the boss's image when the boss is being discussed

Furthermore , every human being has an ego, and believe it or not, the boss is also a human being. If the ego is hurt, relationships will be affected adversely. A subtle pampering of the ego helps to build a good relationship. I have seen one case where one hotel server could rise up to the chief Executive of the Hotel by satisfying the ego of his boss. But his rise was also as dramatic as his fall.
Everybody has idiosyncrasies- everybody acquires habits in his life. So does the Boss : and these are difficult to change. The subordinate has to adjust his habits with those of the Boss.