Monday, September 05, 2005


Barriers to Communication
The barriers to communication are :
1. Language or coding of Ideas so that they are easily understood.
2. Transmission: the communication does not suffer from distraction
3. Hostility: This is the most difficult barrier because it comes from inside and not outside. Hostility is created by the parental messages received - many of them create bias against caste , color , community, language, state , religion,etc.

Another barrier to communication is feuds . A lot of hostility is created in organizations by feuds between departments. How do these feuds occur? This hostile attitude - I am OK you are not OK - is responsible for a lot of problems in communication. This feeling comes because of the way we have been brought up. Whenever there is a conflict there are two routes available : one is the right - wrong, good - bad route which invariably leads to quarrel. The other route is understanding , compromise , co- existence. Depending on our upbringing , we are likely to take the approach and this gives us an image of being a reasonable or unreasonable person. Operating continuously with the hostile prejudice or I am ok , you are not OK attitude, one can develop a dysfunctional life script which makes communication difficult.

One should try to be reasonable , understanding, compromise and co-exist.
Compromise can lead sometimes to not achieving your aim. For this all , one should have leadership characteristics .It may be part of your destiny and time only proves that who was right or wrong.


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