Thursday, September 15, 2005

Managing the Boss

Managing the Boss
Boss plays a very important role in the career of an individual.How far the boss will help the subordinate will depend on how the subordinate manages insecurity,ego & idiosyncrasies of the boss.
To manage the insecurity of the boss, the subordinate must demonstrate his loyalty to the boss. This involves
Keeping the boss informed about the developments that the subordinate comes to know of - which might be interest to the boss.
Helping the boss to repair the damage that might have been caused by the boss's mistakes.
Protecting the boss's image when the boss is being discussed.

Furthermore, every human being has an ego, and believe it or not, the boss is also a human being. If the ego is hurt, relationships will be affected adversely. A subtle pampering of the ego helps to build a good relationship.

Everybody has idiosyncrasies -- everybody acquires habits in his life. So does the boss and these are difficult to change. The subordinate has to adjust his habits with those of the boss.

Boss can be your --husband, --- wife , --in laws, brother / sister etc.

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