Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Trade Unions

Types of Trade UnionsDepending on the environmental situation,historical background and management efforts, the organization will essentially have three types of unions.

The first is the "collaborative" union which is ready to collaborate with the management and consider the management's view-point when there is a conflict.The union itself thinks of a compromise that would be acceptable to the workers.

The second type of union is the "confronting"union. Here the union confronts the management for various demands of the workers. A series of negotiations go on for a long time and thereafter a compromise is reached as package deal which both sides are ready to accept and live for the next three or four years.

The third is the "militant" union. This is the most difficult to deal with because any compromise made or any concessions given is considered a sign of weakness and increases the appetite to ask for more. This union also uses violence to intimidate workers ( and even managers ) to create pressure and to create unity amongst workers.


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