Monday, September 05, 2005

Climbing the Pyramid of Management

Climbing the Pyramid( Preparing for organizational career)
" We can not prepare the future for the next generation; all we can do is to prepare the next generation for the future." President Roosevelt.

Professional education in management , engineering or technology tries to prepare individuals for a career. Few persons would become entrepreneurs and start their own organizations;most would join existing organizations and try to make a career in these organizations. Their success in going up the organizational pyramid depends on three factors: Ability X Efforts X Luck = Results.
How to improve luck, by definition, is beyond instruction. Everybody has some ability and will continue to improve it rather slowly. Improvement in efforts can be crucial in most cases of remarkable success.
In the educational process , the effort is essentially individual.
However , in organizations, effort has to be a group phenomenon. When one is at a very junior level, one has no subordinates. But everybody at all levels, has boss and colleagues. How to manage them to get their support is something which plays a vital role in climbing up the organizational pyramid.


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