Monday, September 05, 2005

Working at various levels

Working at Various Levels
To succeed in his career, a manager has to change his method of working depending on his level of operation in the organization.
At the junior most level , hard working is vital. A person working long hours whenever required- sometimes round the clock- makes a very favorable impression and stands out amongst the crowd which is invariably thick at the junior most level. However , as he comes to the middle level, he may get into the organization paradox: the one who works more,gets more and more work.And he may get caught in a situation where his plate is always overfull and he finds increasingly difficult to meet deadlines.

At this stage,smart working is important. He must concentrate on effective work i.e.that work which contributes significantly to the organization-as against just routine work.This makes him more and more visible to the top management.Simultaneous , he must learn to delegate the routine tasks to his subordinates-and even to his colleagues.

This need for delegation will increase as he goes further up in the organization.To ensure that he can delegate some of the work and get collaboration and cooperation from his colleagues ( and support from the boss or bosses for such delegation), he needs networking.

Thus, for organizational success , a manager has to progress through hardworking and smart working into networking.


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