Monday, September 05, 2005

Sources of Authority

Sources of Authority
There are basically three sources of authority.

The first is hierarchical which comes from the organization position. However , hierarchical authority is not accepted by the younger generation.

The second authority is the authority of expertise.If a manager is an expert, the subordinate say: "Boss is nasty- but he knows. Better check with him." With changing technology , expertise is becoming difficult. The subordinate who is operating the new technology may have greater expertise compared to the boss who has only studied the catalogue.

The third authority is the authority of concern. This is the authority every housewife enjoys. The housewife has no hierarchical authority; she has no authority of expertise. She has the authority of concern - the word "Worry". She uses the concern to control the husband and children.

So the best method as per Indian culture is
Fiker kar , Fikar ka jiker kar, jikar bar bar kar, kam chahi kar na kar.
Worry about work, talk about worry again and again , You work or not work.


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