Sunday, September 11, 2005


What is Management?Management can be defined in many complex ways. However,management essentially consists of 3 basic tasks:
1.0 Identifying your responsibility and getting committed to it.
2.0 Identifying your resources and ultimately realizing your most important resource is yourself.
3.0 Experimenting with resources.
The best example of this is the housewife.Every girl, as soon as she gets married,identifies her responsibility and gets committed to it. Her responsibility is : To convert a house into a home. A house is a piece of architecture. A home is a place where one gets psychological support, a feeling of warmth and being welcome. Who gives this? The housewife. A housewife identifies this responsibility , gets committed to it and looks at her resources. In most cases , the main resource is the husband's income. I am sure most husbands have heard how inadequate that is! But she has another resource: herself. See how she uses this resource. The homeliness of the house depends not on the income of the house- but on the housewife.

Similarly , every manager has to identify his responsibility and get committed to it. With his chair, he will inherit some resources--men, materials, and machinery. He has to add himself to the resources to make a potent combination and experiment with the combination.

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