Sunday, September 18, 2005


Delegating by Steps
Delegation is not a single step process of abdication.Effective delegation is a four - step process. This really works.

The first step is "plan - and - check":In this step, the executive calls his subordinate and clarifies the objective of the task being delegated to the subordinate. Then he asks the subordinate to plan the task and check with him before carrying it out. This step is repeated till the subordinate is able to plan satisfactorily.

Second step is "check - in - trouble":In this step the subordinate is asked to carry out the task - but the boss is available whenever the subordinate wants to check with him.This builds the boss's confidence in the subordinate and the subordinate's confidence in himself and the boss. Once his confidence has been built up, the third step may be introduced.

Third step is the feedback system step: In this step, the executive has a routine feedback meeting with the subordinate in which he checks on the performance of the task.
When the executive is fully satisfied that the task is being performed competently, he may take the fourth and the last step that is ,"abdication". At this stage the task is performed without any formal reference to the boss.

All effective delegation must end in abdication.

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