Monday, September 05, 2005

Management Gaps

Management Gaps
In his progress in the organization a manager has to pass through three gaps.

The first gap is the Knowledge Gap. The knowledge that he has might be inadequate for the job he has to perform and he has to work towards bridging the gap.When JSD moved from marketing to be the chief executive of the Ford car project, he had a severe knowledge gap. Although he was an engineer by qualification, the job required depth in automobile engineering. He asked his two best subordinates to come to his office for one hour at the end of the office hours to teach him automobile engineering and in six months the gap was filled up.

Then the manager will face the Talent Gap.His ability for comprehension has to be equal to the requirement . This is where he can select subordinates and use his colleagues, bosses and consultants to bridge the gap.

The most important gap he has to cover is the Credibility Gap. Confucius said 2500 years ago, " governments exist on three things: guns,rice and faith - the most important is faith." Converted into modern management language managers exist on three things --ability to punish, ability to reward and credibility. The most important is credibility. For this the manager has to depend on his personality development.

Personality is inbuilt and it is part of luck and stars at the time of birth.Personality can also be developed by training but seed is very important. Apple can not grow on Mango seed.


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