Monday, September 05, 2005


Networking with Colleagues
Managing colleagues is more difficult than managing either the boss or the subordinates.With subordinates , we have the authority of hierarchy. With the boss , we have the authority of performance. With colleagues we have neither. In fact , a prominent display of performance can be dysfunctional, as it can arouse antagonism due to jealousy. Colleagues can be managed by establishing a relationship through: Informal Interaction , Reciprocity and Sharing of Credit.

The formal interaction on the job invariably involves compartmental feuds among the various functions. However , approaching the colleague informally on a personal basis creates a closer relationship that can set aside the barriers of compartmental feuds.

Managing the colleagues also calls for reciprocity. Giving a colleague priority when he wants something from your department means a good possibility of getting priority when you want something from his department.

It makes world of difference when you share your credit with colleagues. It sets a positive reaction and they feel that you value their cooperation. Thus , a performing executive has to use the "lamp-shade" strategy. A floor lamp with a lamp - shade ensures that the light goes above and below - but does not give a glare on the side. Similarly a performing executive ensures that the light of performance reaches the top management and his own subordinates - but minimizes the glare amongst his colleagues.

It is easy to write but difficult to convert in to practice. For this you should think twice before speaking to your boss , subordinate and colleagues.

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